Reflective Striping Becoming the Standard?

You have already gone out and spent money buying flame resistant clothing only to find out that one of the places your going to work now require you to have reflective stripes on your shirts or pants. No worries! At Refinery Work Wear, we can add reflective stripes to almost everything we carry in house and we can also add reflective to your items you already have. We use only top quality flame resistant materials manufactured to withstand your rigorous work days. Starting at the reflective material we have several different options for different applications all made by top manufactures such as 3M. For our thread, we only use Nomex® or Kevlar® thread to attach the reflective striping to your flame resistant garments.

What type of Reflective Striping Do I Need?

It’s a tough question but in general, you need flame resistant reflective striping if you're going to be adding it to a flame resistant article of clothing. We adhere to this rule very strictly and cannot add non-flame resistant reflective to bring your item up to specifications for the CSA guidelines. We do however have the following options:

Flame Resistant Twill Reflective Striping

Flame resistant Twill Striping made by Davey Textiles and 3M is our most popular type of striping. it is recommended for button up shirts, coveralls, sweat shirts and everything that does not require a lot of stretch

Reflective Striping

2″ Fluorescent Yellow FR Narrow-Width Fabric with ¾” 3M™ Scotchlite™ Reflective Material 9740 Silver FR Transfer Film
our reflective striping is Certified to CSA Z96, NFPA 2112 and CAN/CGSB 155.20-2017 standards.

Comes in Fluorescent Yellow or Fluorescent Orange. We can also add this same reflective in a 4″ wide.

Reflective Striping


Flame Resistant Segmented Reflective Striping

Flame resistant segmented reflective tape is the best used on shirts or articles of clothing that have a lot of stretch. Its unique design allows the reflective to be attached permanently, but isn't rigid giving the full range of motion.

Reflective Striping

Originally designed to be used on firefighter jackets, the flame resistant segmented reflective trim is taking the market by storm. It is engineered to be flexible, breathable, visible, and durable. When installed it is virtually undetectable to the wearer. This stitch-less reflective trim is certified to all NFPA/CGSB and CSA Z96-15 standards.

Available in 2″ or 3″ and can be configured for Yellow or Orange

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