K1 Intrinsic Midsole Ice Cleat K1MID-INT

$42.99 $59.99 -29% OFF

K1 Intrinsic Midsole Ice Cleat K1MID-INT

$42.99 $59.99 -29% OFF
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Product Features Reviews
  • Certified intrinsic Spark Proof Studs
  • Can be worn while driving or indoors
  • Made Strong and Durable
  • Hi Vis Adjustable Strap
  • One Size Fits All

Geroline K1 Intrinsic Mid Sole Ice Cleat

The Geroline K1 Intrinsic Mid Sole ice cleat has been a game changer for slip prevention in the industrial world.  The K1 Mid sole ice cleat is designed to be worn anywhere, it can also be worn all the time.  The Specially designed mid sole placement allows you to rotate the traction plate upwards when not in use. Constructed from high grade materials the intrinsic spikes provide additional layer of protection in hazardous atmospheres

K1 Mid Sole Intrinsic Certifications

Gas and Vapour:  Class I, Div 1
Dust: Class II, Div 1
Fibres: Class III, Div 1

K1 Mid Sole Installation Instructions

  1. Place strap around work boot
  2. Be sure cleats are between the heel and sole
  3. adjust strap tightly
  4. ensure that the cleats are not to tall to prevent your boots from touching the ground. or to short that they do not provide traction. for both options we have either spacers or low profile options.


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